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Small Business Virtual Bookkeeping Denver

What is a Small Business Virtual Bookkeeper? 


In short, a small business accountant and bookkeeper is someone who keeps proper track of all your business finances, how your business is performing financially, and ensures you are staying in compliance. They are an important professional to have in your corner to help you run a business smoothly and profitably.  All of our services are offered virtually. 


Why Do I Need a Small Business Bookkeeper? 


A small business bookkeeper is someone who understands and oversees all of your businesses’ financial data and compliance by keeping an accurate set of business books. They maintain timely and accurate financial records for your company which includes accounts payable and receivable, payroll, bank and credit card transactions, and all the daily financial entries. They perform accounting tasks including month-end reconciliations, journal entries, and financial statements.  


Small business accountants and bookkeepers aren’t there to just do the math and entries that you don't have the experience or time to do, they’re also there to offer strategic advice on how to help your business finances run more smoothly so that your business can become more profitable. They can automate many tasks and take the guesswork out of your financial data. 


What Factors Should I Consider? 


Consider, first, if doing the books for your business yourself is taking you away from growing and running your business.  Chances are you don’t have the time to run your business and be your business bookkeeper at the same time. If you don't bring a bookkeeper onboard, your books may fall behind and you won’t have relevant or timely information on how your business is performing. You also will be taken away from the time you need to manage and grow your business. 


Next, consider how complicated your transactions and accounting functions are. If your payroll or sales tax is getting frustrating or confusing, it’s time to turn it over to an expert. This is what small business bookkeepers do professionally so they are efficient at completing tasks that may seem to take you forever. 


Finally, if your tax accountant is currently doing your bookkeeping they are probably charging you CPA tax rates. A small business bookkeeper’s hourly billable rate is significantly (sometimes more than half) that of a CPA tax accountant. Hire a small business bookkeeper to manage your ongoing bookkeeping tasks which will save you significantly. 

Bookkeeping Solutions 5280, LLC wants to be your partner in managing your small business bookkeeping.  

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